Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yes, our friends prepared all this luscious food, and more. All home made, plus they had crafts!
Oldest, K, and Youngest, decorating Easter eggs on t-shirts. The children also got goody bags from the hostess and her mother.
But before the mid-day brunch, we fixed our traditional Sunday meal - Daddy's Waffles!
K makes them with pecans - they are yummy! Oldest, me and Youngest, getting ready to wolf them down. I love waffles, but they don't stick to my ribs. I am ravenous an hour after eating an entire waffle.
Amazingly, the boys slept in until 7:30. I heard oldest shriek "Mommy! The easter bunny left a jelly bean trail! And I already found the baskets! Hurry!" While we were eating waffles, our favorite neighbors hid a bunch of eggs in the front yard. The boys were ecstatic to run outside and find all the eggs, loaded with more candy.

So, the boys essentially got 4 easter baskets today. A ridiculous amount of candy -- and guess who's eating most of it? I'm actually nauseous! Baaaaaaaaaaad mommy.

Hope you all had great holidays. And are having better luck staying out of the kids' goodies than I am!


My float said...

What a fantastic Easter! The craft activities have inspired me for next year. Hopefully by then, the two year old will be old enough to use the glue properly, instead of eating it!

PS. I have tagged you -

Lazy cow said...

I want your waffle maker! Sounds like it was a delicious Easter.

jak said...

What cute boys you have- I love waffles-we had pancakes but since I'm still on South beach-"rats" I had boring eggs- it looks like a wonderful easter was had