Monday, April 24, 2006

Life Amongst the Super Rich

or: What In The Love of Pete Are We Doing Here?
Vail offered a glimpse into a world the normal joes of the planet don't usually see; how the super wealthy live.
Our suite of rooms had a bathroom larger than many bedrooms in sluburbia; a tub so huge - Hello? Water Conservation? Ever heard of this? And walls of mirrors. A shower completely encased in glass, that you could dance in if the mood struck you. Huge, thick, pure white Turkish towels. Heated limestone tile flooring.
Our bedroom? Comfy, plush mattresses with high-end cotton linens, chocolate brown and pink bed covers and huge billows of ceiling to floors drapes on the many huge windows. Our living room? The most comfortable sueded chairs with an ottoman that was comfortable for a long time while we watched Mrs. Henderson Presents on the fancy tv. A gas-log fireplace that would have been utilized except that
It. Was. Hot. In. The. Room. We opened windows and turned the HVAC to it's coldest setting, the fan on Blast-Off setting. Still, the room was a bit too warmish for me to sleep well. Luckily, it was a gorgeous suite to be reading and not sleeping in, if one must.
And while we weren't sleeping? Or trying to sleep? We were eating. Scrumptious snacks swirled by on gleaming silver platters. Glasses of wine or soda that magically refilled. Yummy meals cooked to perfection by Swiss chefs, served by smiling, athletic, gorgeous people. Never-ending breakfast buffets with the flakiest of pastries, the Most New-Yorkiest of Bagels, the sweetest butters and jams, the most-vegetabled of scrambles, the thickest & meatiest of bacons, the most steel-cuttiest of oatmeals swimming in cream and butter. Excuse me while I emitted the most unladylikiest of *belches* while pausing inbetween courses. While reading the New York Times. And sitting in the most beautiful of breakfast porches, while the dappled sun shone, a perfect breeze occasionally wafted by, and the perkiest of birds chirped.
We walked in downtown Vail, which was enjoying 60+ degree weather. People were enjoying the last weekend of skiing, in $10,000's worth of outfits and equipment. Whole families decked out in amazing get-ups, happy and smiling. Conquering the mountain. We heard so many different languages. And enjoyed the sun, the fresh pine-scented air, and the sights of a posh resort.
And I missed two little boys, who were taking care of their Daddy for me. While I lived a most unusual 24 hours among the rich and famous enjoying Spring Skiing. Wonderful Food. And looking at Beautiful People.


Joke said...

Sounds like Palm Beach for people who don't like heat.


jess said...

Love your descriptions of the food.

Carolyn said...

Wow. That sounds like an excellent break!

Water conservation? That's for the little people. LOL

My float said...

Jealousy is definitely a curse, I can assure you, because I'm suffering a bad dose right here, right now. And it's no fun!

I'm glad you had a lovely time though. We all need opportunities like those away from everything to keep us sane...if that's possible :)

jak said...

I love Vail-it's just like no other- well-even Aspen is more down to earth then Vail-huh? But, it sounds like a wonderful time was had and I would have traded places with you-not that you wanted too- I'm just sayin!

Lazy cow said...

I like that: just a little glimpse into the lives of the pampered ones. It's nice to visit but I wouldn't want to live there!
It sounds like you had a lovely time.