Thursday, April 20, 2006

TEN RANDOM - Footloose and Fancy Free:

Knicked from Suse

1. Breakie was a lovely cranberry walnut scone, served on my lovely Noritake Royal Orchard everyday Spring/Summer china. I. Love. This. China. The Civilized Breakfast, Above. Made from the contents of that Full-to-Bursting refrigerator. Again, Above.

2. Our crabapple tree is fixin' to pop!

3. Two neighborhood teenagers are 'solving the pigeon problem' *ahem* (but with their parents' knowledge and approval - the pigeons are plague-ing the entire neighborhood)

4. Yesterday was Official Nap Day. Oldest was sobbing in the car while fastening his 5 pt harness. We were supposedly trotting off to TaeKwonDo. I offered him 2 choices 1) TKD or 2) Nap. I have never seen a child shed a uniform faster, scoot up the stairs and pick 2 books for his prior-to-snooze read. Youngest kept insisting I'M NOT SWEEPY so the babysitter laid on the couch with him. She slept, he didn't. I tried to nap, but instead...

5. Took a quick trip to the Post Office and posted 3 things that have been lurking in the corners, waiting for shipment: 1) a present to my friend Liz who's got a brand new baby girl, 2) a diaper case box full of previously-loved boys' clothing, paired shirts to trousers; flying its way to New Zealand to my wonderful friend Kathryn and her 3 gorgeous boys (I LOVE seeing our boys' duds on her boys!) and 3) a letter to a friend. Why not email? Cuz sometimes you've just got to set pen to paper.

6. A looooooong soak in the hot tub at the club, followed by a loooooooooooong shower, while the boys took their swimming lessons.

7. A trip to TarGet to look at birthday presents for Girls for an upcoming party. Which The Dad will be taking the boys to because I'll be at

8. THE SONNENALP!!! Am I packing? Yes!

9. 80 degree days. And No WIND!

10. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. I am so happy. So normal. So Un-Weepy. So Un-Screamy. The fact that I am also so bleedy every 28 days is a small price to pay.

What about You?!

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