Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is capping pigeons at 5:22 a.m. bad neighborly?

We now have a flock of pigeons (gaggle? covey? SHITLOAD?) roosting on our roof eaves, cooing and scrabbling on the tile, at the crack of dawnish every morning. Why the sudden interest in our roof? Our Clueless Neighbors To the North, legendary in the neighborhood for their insensitivity and self-centered lifestyle, have managed to completely stun the neighborhood once again - they have put up 7 birdfeeders on the One Little Tiny Tree in their miniscule front lawn. Which attracts all manner of birds, including the much sought after and rarely seen (yes, I am joking here) PIGEON. First it was just a few; gosh, aren't they pretty? Ah, NO! Now it's lots. As in, we've got a situation here.

Since shooting them off the roof is probably forbidden in the HOA rules, I'm going to get a couple of owls and put them on the roof. Or possible a big stuffed bob cat - now wouldn't that make our house look special?

And I won't even get started about the 6 cars, the teen parties while the parents are away, the trash that they let fly all over the neighborhood - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


My float said...

Nah. It's only bad if you cap the neighbours. :)

Joke said...

Do what we did at our old house. Sprinkle dried cat food as close to the property as possible.

Cats arrive and pretty soon, they are having squab breakfast-lunch-and-dinner.

-J., Mr. Expedient.

Carolyn said...

Can you shoot the bird feeders out of the tree?

Or maybe just smear some of your extra pigeon poop all over their front door!