Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday's Future Fun Post::

I had a phone call yesterday from my best friend, Sherry. We go back a looooong way, almost 35 years. I love her. She is the mother of my goddaughter, and a major source of inspiration to me. Sherry is beautiful, chic, loving, tolerant and has raised her daughter by herself.

Sherry has invited me to go to Vail with her -- and stay at the very wonderful Sonnenalp resort! http://www.sonnenalp.com
To say I'm excited would be majorly understating my emotional state right now.
No Boys!
No cooking 3 hot meals a day that someone is certain to express less than great zeal over!
And she's an event planner, so NO ROOM CHARGE!
Vail has great restaurants. Great Shopping. Great Body Work people. I sense a massage in my future.

The sound you hear is my heels clicking together. And I may also be whistling Zippity Doo Da out my arsehole.


Carolyn said...

Woo-hoo! Have a blast!

My float said...

A.free.holiday. Massage. No laundry. A kid free zone. NO COOKING.

I just can't understand why you're majorly excited!

(OK, I am so jealous, I can't see straight!)

Have a fantastic time. Think of all us back here in blog-land, slaving over hot stoves and keyboards, chasing screaming kids, heaving huge baskets of clothes around the place every day! Or maybe not!!

blackbird said...

lucky lucky you!

not that you don't deserve it.

(and to think, I'll be in bethlehem, not quite the same...)

jak said...

You are going to have so much fun! Man, I'm excited and I'm not going-but I'm glad you are- Ya-hooooo!!!!

My best friend in CO. Lives in Boulder- we have been best buds- for over 25 years now-I miss her daily-so have fun for me too.