Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are looking forward to having a guest guinea pig in the house for a few days. This is truly an answer to my prayers; Parker desperately wants a guinea pig but suffers allergies. And I don't really want another being to nurture; you know how it is, the child says they will take care of the pet but don't so it usually falls to the mother. Parker and Ryan are also joining a lego robotics team. That should be great fun for them. We are a little overscheduled for now, but we'll figure it out...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Love Fall. Fall is when thoughts of cosy sweaters (that hide my bulk), hot cocoa with plenty of whipped cream (that add to my bulk) and trips to Williams Sonoma to get enameled-coated pots (talk about Bulky!) start to creep into my head. I do believe a trip to Costco to get the big tubs of fall mums in our school colors (purple/yellow/white) are in order. Or maybe brilliant deep red. Hmmmmmm. Coming up are tales of RVing and UTVing in Colorado and Wyoming. Packing lists for said RVing and UTVing. That's all I got for today.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello again. Today I kicked facebook to the curb. It took all morning to delete photos and links out of my account. And the thing is not dead yet and may never be. Insidious describes it best. True to the last post many moons ago, we have been using the Toy Hauler, truck, Polaris RZR and other toys a lot. It has been heaven for us a family. I can state for a fact that going out in the RV is a lot of work for the parents. Apparently, we have no learning curve with packing as we forget something IMPORTANT every time. This time, it was comfort food items like barbeque sauce, Cholula and maple syrup. Other times it has been -- pillows. Or blankets. Underwear for various family members. More to follow. Back to scrubbing fb clean.