Thursday, February 17, 2011

YO! It's been a year since I've blogged!

Well, nearly a year. But who's counting?
Influenza b has us in its grip, which is why I suddenly have 'time' to post. I cannot catch a full breath so can't get anything done. Convenient, no?
Facebook has taken the place of blogs. It's true. I check in daily to read The Pioneer Woman because she has a basset hound. Sad but true. Some days I like my dog better than my children. Also sad but true. But not very often.
Big News - we bought a toy hauler/RV thingy! Photos to follow. In fact, this blog may morph into a White Trash on Wheels site! Join us as we tour the country, leaving behind disbelieving passersby, flashbulb-blinded wildlife but NO trash--hey, we are enlightened folk!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! More to come, I think. Well I know, but I mean HERE.
Here we are at Christmas