Thursday, February 17, 2011

YO! It's been a year since I've blogged!

Well, nearly a year. But who's counting?
Influenza b has us in its grip, which is why I suddenly have 'time' to post. I cannot catch a full breath so can't get anything done. Convenient, no?
Facebook has taken the place of blogs. It's true. I check in daily to read The Pioneer Woman because she has a basset hound. Sad but true. Some days I like my dog better than my children. Also sad but true. But not very often.
Big News - we bought a toy hauler/RV thingy! Photos to follow. In fact, this blog may morph into a White Trash on Wheels site! Join us as we tour the country, leaving behind disbelieving passersby, flashbulb-blinded wildlife but NO trash--hey, we are enlightened folk!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! More to come, I think. Well I know, but I mean HERE.
Here we are at Christmas


Miz S said...

Well helloooooooo there.

Facebook is evil. I miss the good ol' days.

Can't wait to see pics. xoxo

BabelBabe said...

look at your handsome boys!

Paula said...

Man your boys are getting so big! Now that mine are grown it always surprises me how quickly kids sprout up...the kids get old and drag us right along with them.

Yeah. I'm going to give the old blog another try. we'll see how well it works out...

Carolyn said...

Hey, you blogged! Woo-hoot. What a beautiful family you are!

Kwiseon said...

Beautiful family!~