Friday, February 19, 2010

Shopping for boys' clothing is No Fun.

These boys of ours have gotten suddenly picky! Who knew 8 and 9 years olds cared about their clothing? Besides comfort, of course; suddenly I'm hearing "That's awful!" and "Only a DINK would wear that!" and this gem, said with a sneer "Yeah, right - maybe when I was FIVE, Mom!"
Bright colors? NOT allowed any more.
Stripes? AM I DAFT?! "Those look like pj's for gosh sake!"
The hated stripes:

And - horrors of all horrors - I caught Parker trying to shimmy down his pants waistband so that his undies were hanging out on top like a 15 year old skater!
Then I heard him comment to his brother: "You undo those buttons and make the waist big. That way they come down and rest right above The Johnson. It's cool!"
Ryan's reply? "That looks stupid and what is Johnson?"
"Your WEINER, YOU IDIOT! Don't you learn anything in 2nd grade any more?!"
The sneaky britches, elastic now sewn at near-waist size.

I have gone back to supervising clothing selection in the mornings.
Ryan's Closet- still some red but going beige/navy

Parker's Closet - Only bright is orange oldies *sigh*


Mary said...

I can still manage to get my boys into bright clothes..but only just.

My Joe adores club soccer jerseys (Liverpool, Arsenal etc) - and they are fluorescent!

Stomper Girl said...

The Johnson!?!?!?! LOL. Clearly they didn't teach ME anything in 2nd grade wither.

Caro said...

Ah ha ha ha ha.