Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some Days

Some days are lovely.
The weather is perfect.
The children are completely self-entertaining and especially sweet.
There is a suitable diversion in which both parents and children thoroughly enjoy themselves.
The food is top drawer. Everything comes out looking like the photo in the cookbook.

Today was such a day.

We spent a good portion of it at a gymnastics birthday party that was infused with autistic children and their parents. Ryan's quirky behavior didn't even register on the radar. The food the parents served was nutritious and beautifully plated. And all the gifts were developmentally correct! Even ours - we have been giving a Klutz toy lately that is usually a hit with the 6-9 set.

But the Very Best part for me was the parents. They understand and agree when I say "Ryan has been the biggest gift of our lives. And a great part of the benefit of having a Ryan is the parents of other special needs kids you meet along the way."

Then tonight we had a Time of it. And I had to remind myself "This is a Gift. This is a Gift. This is a Gift." Ryan needs more processing time. And by 8 at night, I'm all out of patience.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Reading, but not commenting

Really. I am reading all my normal daily visiting places. I'm just too busy to comment. And too tired. Because? Ken and I stayed up until 3:20 a.m. YES - A.M.! watching Pride and Prejudice, a mini series that was 6 hours in length.

Friday, September 07, 2007

It's finally happened -

I've officially turned the corner and become a complete Laundry Snob.
We bought the LG Tromm Steam Washer and dryer. And we're going to stack them.
The fellow at the Great Indoors attempted to talk us into the brand new Sears HE steam washer, but no - we know the LG will fit in the space and we already did the research, etc. etc.
This is what becomes possible after one's spouse buys a sports car. Fancier appliances. And I'm fine with that.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

First day of School - Photos!

Parker and Ryan in front of Parker's classroom

Parker and his DESK! Loaded up, even!

Ryan first day of Kindergarten

Parker first day of First Grade

The School Boys!