Sunday, September 09, 2007

Reading, but not commenting

Really. I am reading all my normal daily visiting places. I'm just too busy to comment. And too tired. Because? Ken and I stayed up until 3:20 a.m. YES - A.M.! watching Pride and Prejudice, a mini series that was 6 hours in length.


My float said...

Oh, I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. Colin is my absolute love bunny.

(Did I really just write that?!)

bec said...

Er yes. The injudicious use of phrases like "absolute love bunny" is further validation of MsC's decision not to comment when tired.

A much more adult and considered description of Colin Firth, particularly as he turns to see Elizabeth while wearing those breeches, is hunka-hunka-burnin-lurve.

In fact, that's something I often whisper in Col's ear, when we're alone...

Caro said...

I can't get my hub to watch a chick flick for anything.

But I don't care for the movies he likes either.

It makes date night oh so fun.

MsCellania said...

I even told Ken "God, that is a devine outfit he is wearing."
And he AGREED.
So yes to the trousers. And the unit therein.

sueeeus said...

YUM! (or ditto what *they* said)