Thursday, March 27, 2008

In the "Can't Believe I said That" light:

3 days ago, my mother: "Here is a blanket made from Alpaca. It's from ________. Keep it in the family, if you can."
3 days ago, myself: "This thing itches! I don't want it!"
Mom: "Take it anyway!"
Me: "Um, okay..." Shuffle off to the car, still insisting there is no place for this thing and it weighs a ton, blah blah blah.
Yesterday, my mother: "I'm giving you the large wooden bread board (HUGE is more like it) that Grandpa made for me. You make breads, pizza; you'll use it."

Friday, March 21, 2008

4 X 4 Meme, shamelessly stolen from Blackbird

4 Jobs I have had: Stock broker assistant, Law Clerk Manager, real estate agent, parent

4 Shows I watch: Deal or No Deal, Curious George, um - we don't watch much tv. Oh, occasionally a CSI but I don't know which one. One has Gary Sinese, one has a curly-haired Greek lady who used to play a doctor on TV (?)

4 Places I've been: Okinawa, Tuscany, Ireland, the Depths of Hell and Back Again

4 Food I like: Sushi, almost anything Thai, Pork, Lobster

4 Scents I like: My sons, my husband, conifers and pine trees, desserts in the oven

4 Sounds I like: Thunderstorms, my children's laughter, crashing waves, "I'm Home!"

4 Cars I've had: '59 Anglia, '66 Mustang, '78 BMW 3.0 Csi, '03 Odyssey. And a million inbetween. Only 2 have been new.

4 Things at Which I'm Good: Conversing, Humor, Cooking, Parenting. Not necessarily in that order.