Friday, February 29, 2008

Just Another Pap Smear Moment

So, yesterday was my annual check up, forced upon me courtesy of the pharmaceutical industry. I like my doctor; she's all about alternative medicine and tries everything natural before whipping out the prescription pad. She also has her office in a converted bungalow which she remodeled with her own two hands. And her gay brother is her receptionist, and the guy is a scream (and totally nonintentional - he just is funny).
But -- pap smears are just Not Fun. Especially when you bring your very active 6 year old with you, WITH the portable DVD player and a current favorite movie. Trouble is, the boy zips through the movie double quick by fast forwarding to his favorite parts. Then he starts exploring. There is a lovely wrap-around porch that he is told by the receptionist brother he may visit. So he strolls around and sings and talks to himself. Then, he notices the exam room windows. So, just in case his mother might be in there, he raps out Shave-and-a-haircut two-bits very nicely, on the window; you know, just friendly like and because he is connected to his mother by ESP and great love. So, in the middle of my pelvic exam, I say to dear Dr. Gloria, who has a young son of her own, "May we pause here, and may I go rap back?" So up I jump, nekkid derriere and all, and give the dum-diddly-ump bump, bump bump right back to him. He yelps "MOMMY!" and all is right with his world.
And I hop back on the table and we get on with the business at hand.
And wouldn't you know, my blood pressure was better than it's been in 15 years.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yahoo! Photos!

Two boys and a gingerbread house

Ryan receiving 2nd place trophy for his pinewood derby car, cub scouts

Beautiful, yummy Valentine's Day gift from Paula

PopPop's birthday feast

Self portrait, lavender and Blue Dog

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Okay, Okay

Bec did it. The Quarterly post. I suppose I could scrape up a post out of the noise from the daily ditherings...

First off, if I would've known kids were so much fun, I truly would have done it so much earlier. The older they get, the more I like them. And my children ARE the best children on the planet. Their newest addiction is Pokemon. I like Pokemon. In fact, I love Pokemon. Ryan is able to communicate fully with any children also interested in Pokemon, which gives him confidence. I could go on and on about feeding addictions to encourage communications, from Thomas the Tank Engine, to Star Wars, to Webkinz, to Pokemon. I have no idea what the next frenzy will be. If you know, please don't tell me.
Winter here has been rather story book - most of the snow is falling in the mountains. We have actually been getting out and enjoying ourselves with all that Colorado has to offer. We took the Ski Train one Sunday. The club car we were in offered breakfast, snacks, drinks and a light supper on the way home! Yo - that's my idea of a train ride!
Ken continues to travel 2 weeks out of every month. Which translates to hiring house cleaners again and also eating out more. Both of which are nice necessities when you single parent for long periods of time. Instead of cleaning, I'm organizing. Well, in theory. I'm actually reading more. But, I have plans to start organizing. And that counts for something. These things have to start in one's head and travel down to the hands.
On the health front, Ryan has been found to be infested with Candida, necessitating a diet change for the entire household. Gone are sugar, vinegar and yeasted food items, which comprises a huge amount of our former daily offerings. Barbeque sauce? GONE. Bread? Of course GONE. Today while the house cleaners are here, we are running a marathon of errands, one of which is to take the entire family trolling down the aisles of Whole Foods to select some new foods. This may not be a fun trip. Finding things without any sugar seems to be the biggest challenge. Ah, the love humans have for the sweet things.
Next post will have photos. Check back quarterly...