Saturday, September 01, 2007

First day of School - Photos!

Parker and Ryan in front of Parker's classroom

Parker and his DESK! Loaded up, even!

Ryan first day of Kindergarten

Parker first day of First Grade

The School Boys!


Caro said...

I love those signs. You have beautiful boys. The last pic was my favorite. What a ham!

daysgoby said...

Hurray for your two!

sueeeus said...

Your kids are adorable, as usual, but I am distracted, smitten by, and jealous of those lovely tall narrow glass windows so handsomely framing your beautiful front door. And all those flowers. It's like Wisteria Lane, only much nicer.

My float said...

Oh congratulations! I'll have to remember this idea in a year and a half when mine goes to big school.

bec said...

those gorgeous, gorgeous boys!

Well done, Mum, for getting this far.

Lazy cow said...

What cool desks they have! And the boys look adorable. It must be such a relief things are going well.

Suse said...

Such milestones for your boys this year!

Yay and hooray! I love these pics.