Friday, April 28, 2006

10 jobs before I die

1. CEO of any major corporation. 1st thing I'd do is cut my pay to 4 times what the top salaried person is making, and give the zillions I'm not stealing out of the company back to the workers. In-company daycares. Health benefits that include speech therapy and OT. On site Health Club. Since everyone would then want to work for me, I'd shit-can all the chaff.

2. Island Owner.

3. Astronaut.

4. Jockey.

5. Race Car Driver.

6. Presidential Muse. I'd whisper sweet somethings into the empty space between our current fearless and clueless leader's ears.

7. Cooking School instructor for the common folk. "This is how you slice an onion."

8. Home Organizer "First we make 3 piles. Then we throw almost all of it away!"

9. Clothing Designer for us Zoftig women. You know, the ones with T & A. And a teeny bit of a belly that we have earned from c-sections and bearing children. Title Nine type stuff, but lots more style.

10. Mother of at least 5 more children. But I'd need a cook and housecleaner, too.


blackbird said...

oooh, 3, 4 and 5 are very brave!
then again, so is 6. and 10.

daysgoby said...

Holy God, I think I love you.

(In a 'look at her blog, she's fearless and smart' kinda way....)

Carolyn said...

Can I work for you when you become a CEO?

With you on the Bush thing.

Lazy cow said...

Astronaut, love that. Jockey - you can come over and ride our horse!

Sarah Louise said...

Yeah, let me know where to send my resume!


#5 After seeing the latest Herbie, I might consider this...

#7 Again, send me a press release--I need to know how to slice an onion. Is that with or without tears? I want without tears, please!

This is fun!