Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The best outfit in the house as at 4/18/06

I think this was the Best Outfit In the House this past week. Oldest is sporting a Gap polo shirt, with a #12 applique that was rescued from his most favorite pj's in the world and sewn on the shirt 2 days ago. The crisp ankle-zip athletic trousers feature a matching zip-front jacket which I would have posed with him dangling it over a shoulder, but I was doing good to catch him this still. Newish Buster Brown's, triple-roll, non-skid socks (these boys of mine have teeny feet - so the non-skid socks still work well) and a watch from good old TarJay complete the ensemble.

I would dress the boys in polos and nice trousers every day. But they? Prefer the gaudiest, cheapest clothing on the planet. Give them a shirt with a big corvette and the words "Wrap Your Ass In Fiberglass" on it, and they'd be happier than pigs in mud. Gone are the days when they would wear sweet animal shirts, plain shirts, polo shirts. They want Power Rangers, Star Wars and Spiderman. Nevermind that they have seen none of these shows; their friends talk about them and that's enough. The consumeristic lemming march has begun.

But, for today, I have held Hollywood at bay; and my son was dressed in a downright sporting outfit.

Requested by Blackbird for Deb.


My float said...

Wrap your ass in Fibreglass? That's hysterical!

I am not looking forward to the day when my son decides what he wants to wear, so I get to dress him nicely in good jeans/trousers and a lovely t-shirt or top every day. He has dark sneakers for the park and other potentially dirty activities, white/silver sneakers for indoor play (!) and dress boots for "going out". The kid dresses better than I do!! Occasionally he'll choose which top he wants to wear, and that drives me nuts, especially if it doesn't match!

I can hear you laughing from here. I know, I know, the fall will come hard!!

blackbird said...

The other day, Youngest said to me -
Mom, remember when you wouldn't let us wear shirts with pictures on them?

He was wearing a Billabong tee shirt,
Middle was wearing a tee shirt that said 'tee shirt' on it and Oldest?

was wearing a green tee with a clover and the word lucky printed on it.
but below the word lucky?
someone had written, in PEN,
'as fuck'


islaygirl said...

*giggle* "Wrap your ass in fiberglass." One of those days when i'm relieved i don't have boys. because i'm confused enough by the need to put glitter in one's hair. LOVE the outfit tho. what a cutie.