Friday, April 14, 2006

Blogging Family Tree Meme

The first blog I found was a foodie blog, but I cannot remember who it was - it was a couple of years' back. I found Threadbared through Sewing Commons boards over a year ago. I had a brief flirtation reading alot of sewing and knitting blogs, but I just Didn't Have The Love. I then found Finslippy through weirdbabe (1/2 of Threadbared), and I must've found blackbird through a link in Finslippy links, and then a bunch of youse through say la vee. I found out that a few of my friends have Blogs, too. And some people I know have no idea what a Blog is.

It took me a looooooong time to start up my blog. I wasn't kidding when I said in my Sunday Confessions a while back that I thought you had to have intense intestinal troubles to Blog. I reckoned no one would be interested in my daily triumphs on the toilet.

Then my mostly normal bowel habits friend Karen started one on Blogspot, so I decided to try it. And left my innards totally out of it.

Oh, I found this idea for my first meme from Sarah Louise, who is pink sneakers n'at, after all.


blackbird said...

I think 80% of my readers came from Fluid Pudding (you did mean FP didn't you? cause Alice does not link to me).

The moment she found me I was, as another blogger (Maggie Mason) says:
Famous Among Dozens.

It's fun to trace the links isn't it?

Suse said...

Glad you found us, however you found us!

MsCellania said...

bb - it was a link from a link (as in 2nd cousin once removed) I went to from Finslippy. I think. But this has been months ago and me mind, it's a terrible thing I'm wasting...

But I bet if I spent a few minutes clicking around? It might come back to me. Possibly. Yup. It was Fluid Pudding, oh Wondrous Smart Woman. I recognize the 'feel'.

Famous among dozens. The perfect way to be famous. Or infamous. Famous as in Amy or Heather would give me the weebee geebees.

And thanks, Madam Pea Soup! Your seasonal bits on display will be started tomorrow. The boys, they are excited! Oldest wanted to start with one of our dyed Easter eggs. Ah, no. But maybe a piece of the shells as gosh! They are all busting up!

jak said...

i'm so glad you decided to blog-and yes, i found you through the wonderful Blackbird-whom i found through a wonderful kitchen in Brabant-(and it's here I found most of the blogs that I read today)-and I found her from a blog -a really funny blog (that's no more)in Eugene orgeon-It's a small world this blog world-

most of my friends don't know- but I have just reliezed that my sister in maryland has found me- but it's good! I'm waiting for her to say something;)

Have a nice Easter_is it warm your way yet?

Sarah Louise said...

It *is* fun to look at our roots. Glad you joined us--I think Blackbird is our true mamma--most of my blog-friends are connected to her.

I love blogs.

And I am sooo procrastinating my morning away...but it's fun to visit people's blogs...