Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Feeling Stuck, or something

The Blogger's Blank that has been going around has struck me something fierce. I read alot of great Blogs and think "My life is so BLAH. I have nothing interesting to say." What am I going to write about: Ovulating at my age? Oldest's TaeKwonDo feats? Youngest's swimming insecurities? Fund Raisers? The fact that suddenly, this very week, my feet look fucking old?!"

It's a tenuous place; I am the new kid on the block of blogs. I read your blogs with great interest almost every day. You guys are interesting, you guys are cooking new and great stuff; hell - you guys are acquiring great purses and shoes! Me? Pulling out the old trusty capris and polos from the closet. Running two little boys here and there. I swear, it's the same stuff you're doing, but your stuff sounds fun!

Has this happened to you too? Or am I truly Just Boring?!


jak said...

SISTA! Shake out of it! you are not boring- and i love coming and visiting and i love when i go visit someone- you have been there and left a GREAT comment-

but I do know how your feeling- I feel it to- but keep up your blog- your one of my favorites!

blackbird said...

bless the boring --
much better than hospitals and dead cars...

one day over the next week or so I will be hauling the old capris out of the attic!

Lazy cow said...

Yes, I know what you mean. I like to read about everyday stuff though. But I'm just nosey that way.

Carolyn said...

I LOVE your blog.

I very much enjoyed your Sunday confessions.

You're NOT boring.

In fact, hearing more about being seven and living in the tropics would be great. Where in the tropics? What did you do? What did you eat, etc....

MsCellania said...

Oh GAH! Now I feel like a schmo for whining!
Thanks; who knew?!

My float said...

I like coming here, your blog amuses me!

Plus you leave great comments!

Boring-ness happens to everyone. I blog about crap, truly. But it's my crap and that's ok!!

Keep going.