Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bloom Where you Live: Our Street

Taken from the back deck - yes, we have a skeeter breeder in back of us, which attracts lots of wildlife.
We also have a construction site in back of our house, which is endlessly thrilling for the boys. And lots of mountains and foothills, which offer an ever-changing view for all of us.

Show and Tell Thursday requested by Blackbird


Lazy cow said...

It's so different from where I live! Serene and lovely.

Sarah Louise said...

skeeter breeder! I love it! Very different from my street too!

blackbird said...

gosh it's beautiful!
are there houses going up across the way?

MsCellania said...

Yes, you can see the curve of the earth if you drive further East - it's High, Dry and Lonesome :)

bb - Not houses, but 'luxury, loft-style townhouses'. It was platted before we bought here, so we always knew it was coming. Luckily, we have protected view corriders.

My float said...

It looks very quiet. Well, except for the construction site, of course, but everything else, the lake, the foothills, looks very serene.

jak said...

Beautiful! you know how I feel about "your Place" I miss it a lot sometimes- I have get out there to see my best buddie-and soon.

enjoy your view, it's lovely and I'm glad it protected- Co. and Ca. are so much alike in that way.

Carolyn said...

You made me think of that song my uncle sings.

"There's a skeeter on my peter."

"Whack it off."


verniciousknids said...

What a gorgeous view you have...and so much space :D