Monday, April 17, 2006

"I", meme

I AM: Astonished at the beauty of my sons, and their peaceful, loving selves;
I WANT: My sons to know joy and love all their lives;
I WISH: For World Peace, but would settle for an end to World Hunger;
I HATE: mean kids, and the parents who won't parent them;
I MISS: Adult vacations where we could spend hours in the Louvre, etc.
I FEAR: Dying before my sons are adults
I HEAR: The sounds of 2 sons negotiating through their world;
I WONDER: What it would be like if we had not declared war on Iraq;
I REGRET: Very little
I AM NOT: Quiet, unemotional or sad;
I DANCE: Not Nearly Enough;
I SING: Not very well, but often;
I CRY: Seldom
I AM NOT ALWAYS: Kind or patient;
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Wonderful food, good things to wear, decor for our home, wild gestures;
I WRITE: Because it's a Gift that gets better with use;
I CONFUSE: Many with the speed at which I speak;
I NEED: To read more;
I SHOULD: Stretch more;
I START: Way too much, and with good intention;
I FINISH: most, but not usually with the initial grandiose plans;
I TAG: Lazy Cow, Blackbird and anyone who cares to Bare Soul.


blackbird said...

posting one day this week -

I LOVE to be tagged (within reason)

MsCellania said...

Aye, aye, Matey! (with respect to the pirate-hat wearing dinner party)

Lazy cow said...

Thanks for the tag Vickee. It's my first ever!
I like this meme.
I'll email you instructions on putting in links when I get a chance.