Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wretched Pillow Post

A favorite photo from mid-summer, last year. This was supposed to be at the end, but I can never figure out the process. I gues it goes by numerical or alphabetic order? Anyway, I frequently gaze at endearing shots of our sons, to prevent infanticide.

This is how the family room looked 7 minutes after both children were up. You will notice a good line of train track and lots of train cars, set up for sure-fire parental tripping and agonizing pain. My husband and I skirt the edges like rats to avoid the mid-section pile-ups. ALL the pillows from the living and family rooms are making a camp-out place in the wilds of the family room. (Not Shown: All their loveys. resting comfortably on the pillows. Please note the attached pillow backs on this leather furniture.

The living room, as it still looks this very instant, after I snatched the pillows off the floor in the family room and bellowed. Which caused a downward crescendo of the Mood of the Manse. I just looked behind the bamboo palm, and there are 2 Rescue Heroes, taking a siesta back there. (Again, please note the attached pillow backs. This sectional took us 2 years to find. Had to have a very firm seat for my mother to easily arise from, and the attached pillows.

And Oldest's Gem of the Day:
"I'm getting tired of always being the Nice Fellow!"


Carolyn said...

Ooh, clean living room! And a kid-proof sofa to boot!

I can never figure out what order the pics go in either. Blogger sucketh that way.

blackbird said...

Sometimes my boys ask if they may have ALL THE PILLOWS in the house for a fort.

My float said...

Vickee, your house still looks tidier than mine!! I look around now. It's midnight, no kid in sight, but I can see a basket of books, a couple of balls, some puzzle pieces trying to hide in the corner and a lego car. In my current panic state of working from home, this is as good as it gets. (It is, of course, a great thing because then he doesn't have to go tramping around looking for them in the morning!)

MsCellania said...

Carolyn - The living room has a dress-up box behind one side of the sofa; a huge, beat-up cardboard box of Lincoln logs handy by the doorway and ugly as sin; and of course the stashed toys behind and under stuff. Always. But the sofa has it's pillow properly placed, dammit! And the boys better not touch my coffee table books!

bb - They, they ASK?! Oh, there is HOPE!

myfloat - I don't take photos on the days the shite has hitteth the fan. And I put a 'hook' in any treat activity "What to watch a movie? Great! Let's pick up all the toys first!" said with such enthusiasm that they (still) race to do it. Yes; I get tired of the eternal glee, but THEY don't.

BabelBabe said...

good lord. how do you keep your house so neat? I just had to issue an edict today that the first floor is BabySafe Area, which means all the little bits and pieces MUST live in their bedroom or ont he third-floor playroom. you'd have thought I shot their dog or something...

momslo said...

Thats great- my kids do the pillow thing too-still. The noodleboy has done that since he was tiny-

and I bet the boy's were laughing! Does the house bunny join in?

Your living room looks like it's in one piece-

You have a really beautiful vickee- I like it alot!