Friday, May 19, 2006

List Friday: Advice for college grads

From Pomegranates and Paper

Advice for College Grads:

Go to Grad School. It defers the agony of joining the Work Force a bit, and might actually be very valuable anywhere down the road.

If you binge drink, now would be a Very Excellent Time to STOP.

Floss. Every night, at least.

Delay marriage and parenting. You aren't really a grown up yet. Trust me on this one.

A Summer ROAD TRIP is a very excellent last rite of passage. But remember items 2 and 3.

Stay Safe.

Oh, I have lots more advice. But you won't listen anyway! Go out and have a great life.


jess said...

Well, I'm going to grad school (even if it's 3 years after graduation...), I don't binge drink, so far I've delayed marriage & parenting (but mostly because they haven't come my way), and I haven't gotten killed yet. I've got to work on the flossing.

MsCellania said...

Then you are our Dream Grad. Go ahead; put your name #1 the Success List!

And I'll take avowed consistent condum use and sparodic flossing, if one can only do one of the two consistently.

My float said...

Great recommendations. Alas, the mystery of youth is that they just won't listen. Hee hee. I sound like my grandmother!

Carolyn said...

Tha last one was so true.

momslo said...

Good list indeed! Hey you! I'm still here- our service has been down all week-and i;m on Jim's wireless-so i can't do my mail- Keep in touch! i was able to be on for a few mintues but that's it!I'll email you when I can get on AOL. Hope your having a good weekend-it's raining here today WTF?