Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lordy, what have I done?!

A new cleaners/laundry opened up in the area. Not one to ever pass up a deal, I trotted in with Oldest (out of school) and 3 old pillow cases full of shirt laundry and dry cleaning. 50% Off! Who could resist.

The coupon expires today. The Manager, sizing me up as an easy fish to hook, says "What about blankets, comforters, duvets; stuff like that? Expires today! Get it back to you in two days if you get the stuff in by 10:30!" It was then 9:45. I have Youngest and Buddy to pick up at 10:30 -- and the Discount Clock is not only ticking, it's fairly gonging in my skull!

Oldest and I set a new speed record leaping into the faithful stead (the minivan) and grabbing the reins (buckling up). I shout "Ride like the wind, Bullseye!" and off we shoot for home. I speed around, collecting blankets, comforters and duvets and then think; 'Hey, what about the pillows?!' I gather up what I can easily shinny out of their double protectors, and end up with over 10. I reckon the newer ones don't need a bath yet. In that pile are Our Favorite Pillows. For Sleeping. Which we do every night. Does this occur to me? NO!

The back of the van is full with bedding. We unload back at the dry cleaners, and she gets the okay to clean the down pillows. I then prepay for the bedding. Comes to over $100, even with the half off. It's now 10:20 and we need to sprint to pick up Youngest and Buddy.

Do I get receipts? Well, yes; a handwritten charge slip. Do I even get a count of previous items dropped off, or pillows, blankets, comforters, duvets, etc? NO! I've got BUPKISS if that place goes out of business tomorrow. Then Parker told me something that really made me go YIKES: He wandered back where cleaners usually have acres of hanging stuff on automated rods, and there were No.Clothes.On.The.Rods.

Just call me Lucinda; I'm seeing dire opportunities everywhere. And I have Family History of bad experiences with dry cleaners: Losing custom duvet covers (Okay, I did leave them there for months, but still - they had my phone numbers!). Losing a hunter green cashmere sweater that was the most beautifully cabled, perfectly made sweater I've ever owned. My Dad getting uniform pants cleaned by a new cleaners in Chicago when he was an airline pilot, then showing up 2 days later to collect - the place had burned to the ground! Leaving him to borrow some trousers from a fellow pilot who was about 4" shorter. So my dad had the Flood Pants look for 2 days until he could get new pants ordered.

Is there a Laundry Saint to pray to?

Do you think DH will notice?


Sarah Louise said...

Joke will surely know the name of the laundry patron saint.

My float said...

Start praying, Vickee!

Can't wait to hear how you all sleep tonight!

PJ said...

Sounds like that roving band of bedding theives. I hear they are a cult;)

And completely off subject, I grew up in Boulder (well Longmont actually).

Carolyn said...

You and Babelbabe are both making me think of Seinfeld episodes today.

Wasn't there one where they caught the people who owned the dry cleaning place wearing a coat they said they "lost".

I will cross my fingers for you. I'm sure you'll get your stuff back!

BabelBabe said...

You've got Saints Clare of Assissi, Hunna, Martha, Lawrence, or Veronica, for laundresses, washerwomen, laundry workers...will that do?