Thursday, May 11, 2006

Show and Tell Thursday: T-Shirt

Close up of my favorite t-shirt for almost 20 years, a Guatamalen-made, critter-embroidered, formerly black, now gray, rather shapeless t-shirt.

The entire pattern; I love the llama-like guys third from the top

Here it is, in all its shapeless glory. The embroidery is so well done, I've never had to repair or re-knot any of it. It goes in the washer, but not the dryer.

This shirt has been around the world. And to Chicago, many times. In case you were interested.


Elizabeth said...

Nothing like a well travelled T with a story. Very colourful print, I can see why it is your favourite.

blackbird said...

You could cut off the front panel and put the embroidery on a new tee or a tote bag...

...cause I've heard they do stuff like that in Chicago, you know, if the tee is wearing out.

MsCellania said...


Kinda like I did to Oldest's favorite PJ's? Yes, I could do that. Thank goodness some people are noticing trends in Chicago.

Lazy cow said...

If I could buy a t-shirt like that I would. It's lovely.

Sarah Louise said...

Very cool shirt! Yeah, like bb said, there's this book about transforming old tee shirts. Can't remember what it's called...Generation T, 108 ways to transform a t-shirt...(thanks, Internet!)

Guatemala--did you go there?

momslo said...

It's so pretty, did you buy while in Guatamala? It's really nice- and to have lasted 20 years- jeez!

I post an old tee too- but not nearly as lovely as yours-

I like BB's idea of having it cut and attached to something eles you like, when the tee wears out, But, hell! lasted this long- I don't
think it's ever going to wear out!

I post really late- my network was funky today:(

Carolyn said...

20 years, wow! That is a beloved shirt.

I like it.