Monday, May 08, 2006

The 5 Senses:

Tasting: These Perfect Over-Easy eggs and wheat toast. Toast is slightly burnt. I called it "Mother's Toast" as aren't these the wedges mothers always end up with?!

Hearing: The sounds of many mighty machines, putting in infrastructure (I HATE that word; that, along with Paradigm, Mission Statement and Haz Mat set my teeth on edge. Overused and brandished about by those with small minds in the '90's) southwest of our house
Seeing: A stormy-skied view off our deck. with...

Smelling: A row of flower trees that are giving off their floral perfume in wafts of delight.

Touching: The blue-black seal-slick sleek hair of Oldest. (Which could also qualify for the smelling and seeing entry, come to think of it... )

Borrowed from Pea Soup.


Carolyn said...

I want to touch that boy's hair. It's beautiful.

blackbird said...

Those trees is making me sneeze.

We hate the word 'healthful.'

Joke said...

Never figured you for an over-easy sort of egg person.


jak said...

So now I'm hungery and there's no one to go to breakfest with.

And that sky- makes me miss CO!

is the little guy sleeping?- I love his hair

MsCellania said...

bb - I'll see your healthful and raise your benefits. 'Healthful Benefits' Ew

Joke - Picture 2 eggs. Picture cooking them fast. Over easy is what ya gits. But I love them any old way, except overdone. Like my vegetables. or Meat come to think of it.

jak - Not sleeping - sulking. And therefore still enough to snap a photo.

Suse said...

Mother Toast. Oh, ain't it always the way?!

Eileen said...
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