Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Knicked: Word Association

Yes, stolen from Glamorouse before you could say SURI, which means sneak thief, after all:

  1. Out of place ::
  2. Helicopter ::
  3. Francis ::
  4. Ryan ::
  5. Wedding ::
  6. Apalled ::
  7. Historian ::
  8. Powerful ::
  9. Sex symbol ::
  10. Uncomfortable ::

Here's My Answers:

  1. Out of place :: Hair
  2. Helicopter :: Ski move
  3. Francis :: Bacon
  4. Ryan :: O'Neal
  5. Wedding :: Bells
  6. Apalled :: At Our politics
  7. Historian :: Winner's tale
  8. Powerful :: Words
  9. Sex symbol :: Angelina
  10. Uncomfortable :: Shoes


Mary Poppins said...

1. Out of place ::me always
2. Helicopter ::Henry
3. Francis ::Copola
4. Ryan ::Cabrera (oh god, how do i know that??!!"
5. Wedding ::yuck
6. Apalled ::by Puerto Rico
7. Historian ::umm....
8. Powerful ::legislators
9. Sex symbol ::confident women
10. Uncomfortable ::shoes

MsCellania said...

Am I grateful that I do not Ryan Cabrera? And WONDERFUL about your Sex Symbol! WIsh I woulda thought of that, as I do think that! :)

My float said...

Powerful words, I really like that. And how sexy is angelina? Seriously, i think she scored the sex appeal quota of a small country! I think she got mine, as well. Give it back, Angelina!

It never ceaases to amaze me that people think history is a true representation of what happened. A winner's tale, for sure.

Hey, my word verification was written by someone with a lisp: TWUCE. LOL

Carolyn said...

I thought of Ryan O'Neal too!

Great minds think alike!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Wedding Bells? Why didn't I think of that!! (civil ceremonies both times, but bells would have been nice!!)