Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another one off into the world

Today was the graduation party for my goddaughter Alyssa. She is an exquisitely beautiful woman, very centered, loyal and hardworking. The world is lucky to have her. Of course she and her mother go around and around. This is the way of things.

Of course her party was lovely, set up in a pretty setting, with the smell of pines and sweet flowering shrubs. I was expecting a great event. But what was so surprising was seeing so many old friends, friends of 25 years; we've all matured, lived unbelievable lives, and have so many stories to share and enjoy. The history makes the tales richer, somehow. I was also surprised at how great we all look - we are carrying our years with joy and a grandness I never dreamed when I was in my 20's. Lots of people are on their 2nd or even 3rd careers. Friends are living in far corners of the world. A few are sniffing about for possible retirement settings - and no, not Florida or Baja. Little pearls here and there. What a lucky bunch we are, whatever our fortunes have been. We have all been blessed.

And to my best friend Sherry and her daughter? Another life is beginning for the two of you. I hope you enjoy the tenderness and new-found love that living separate lives often brings. May God go with you, Alyssa. Always. I love you.


Sarah Louise said...

"little pearls here and there" oh how lovely. Sounds like a fun group.

My float said...

What a lovely post. Your goddaughter must be very special indeed. It is wonderful to see children grow up into self-assured people who at their very heart are good people. Oh I just hope I can manage this with my son.