Thursday, May 18, 2006

I took a driving 'stroll' today with Youngest, and showed him some of Our Fair City's nicer aspects. He was Duly Impressed (or maybe just excited about the promise of Hot Cocoa afterwards, hmmmmm?) This is a large fellow we drive by every day on the way to Montessori. He has Friends (photos at a later time as I loaded a wrong picture this time, and this set-up is not re-do friendly).

I love the aubergine paint! I have witnessed the morphing of this proud little house from nuttin' to somethin'.

This is our Brand New Park. Please notice the not-so-ordinary play structure. You can tell the community is full of engineers. Kids approach the thing with question marks for eyeballs - I have fallen off this thing and Hurt. Myself. Twice. I stayed clear of the Beast today, but Youngest gave it a go.

I have always appreciated this fellow, even when it was in a sad state of disrepair. Thankfully, the newish owners have really put some work into him, and he once again commands a presence on the street.

This is a close up of the Strange Bird.

And I have been whalluped with the blog malaise. My life? No so interesting right now. It's mostly driving small fry hither and yon. Perfect weather. We have been having picnics every day. Oldest has been making huge strides in TaeKwonDo, and earned not only another stripe on his belt, but a Golden STAR on his uniform! Youngest graduated to next level in his speech therapy, which is Huge. Really. Huge. Next week, Youngest will get a trip to Target, and get to pick amongst things under $7, after he has success with his new works. Today, Oldest got the very rare trip to Target to pick something. He picked a pirate's swashbuckling sword, which features a resounding "CLANG" if you push a button. We tried it out at Target. He swashbuckled, and I d.i.e.d. A. Slow. And. Limb. Jiggling. Death.

And I have been smelling their necks alot. This was recommended by someone who now has a 12 year old. Seems the delightful fragrance of young boys melds into the musky smell of man, and this happens too soon for parents. I swear I have been smelling them so much, I have sniffed the scent right off them.


My float said...

what a lovely area you live in. the houses are gorgeous! and that park is something else. parks in australia are becoming very boring because of potential litigation - in case the kid falls off and hurts themselves. isn't that part of growing up?! as long as it's not too serious of course.

Good work from your little one to graduate to the next level. must make him so happy and proud of his own achievement.

I notice everyone has the blog malaise! must be catching. good to see you back! it's funny that what seems boring to us is highly exotic to others on the other side of the globe, heh heh!

Am off to sniff my little one's neck!

Lazy cow said...

I missed you while you were gone.
I do the breath-smelling thing with my son. He still has impossibly sweet baby breath, a cross between ripe peaches and coriander. Mmmmm.
I'm a bit scared of your park!

Carolyn said...

What a beatiful neighborhood.

A monstrous CONGRATULATIONS to both of your boys!

pioneerspirit said...

Sniffing is one of my favorite things. And not just my husband, friends, babies...especially babies, mmm.
Thought I was crazy. Glad to know I'm not the only sniffer out there.