Friday, July 28, 2006

We are munching on grub from our garden!

Plump, juicy roma tomatoes.
Crisp, gleaming green peppers.
Luscious Cucumbers.
Fragrant bunches of basil.
Gobs of bok choy.

Just give me a shaker of salt.
Okay, and a steamer.

Soon we'll have beans, zukes and pickling cukes.

Watermelon? Maybe.
Pumpkins? YES!

And waist-high weeds. Which we will mercilessly attack tomorrow. The garden plot, initial plowing and tilling and all the water is provided by my K's employer. So K has done nearly all the work. Which is very much appreciated.


daysgoby said...

Making my mouth water - yum!

Good luck on the pulling weeds - that always takes so much longer (and is harder) than you think...

Lazy cow said...

One day, that will be my family. One day, when I get of my lazy arse and begin the garden.
Enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labour!