Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh yeah, saving LOTS of time and $$$ here!


"I'll do Oldest's party and save us a TON of money!"
"How difficult can it be?"

How could I have been this ignorant?
I have spent PLENTY on this party.
I have done research for age-appropriate games.
For wily, clever 5, 6 and 7 yos.
Some of whom are autistic.
This wasn't easy. Why did I think it would be? WHAT PLANET HAVE I BEEN LIVING ON?

I said Drop Off so I would not have to entertain parents.
I think only 2 parents are dropping off!

You know

EVERYONE is hinting that they will bring 'something'. I have repeatedly stated "That something better just be your child and possibly a gift."

If this turns into a 7 hour potluck I am going to be pissed.

It's happened before.


PJ said...

Just focus on the kids and let the grownups entertain themselves. When the games are over say "Thank you all for coming,I know you'll understand when I tell you (fill in a relatives name here)is waiting to see the birthday boy for a family celebration" and then walk them to their cars.

Claire said...

Good luck with that! As an adult knowing what goes into these parties I can now understand why we never had parties as children!

Carolyn said...

Oh brave woman, have fun.

My float said...

This is exactly why I chose to have a park party for my son's second. And it's going to be a tradition, I assure you. Everyone can do what they like, there are climbing things and tracks for bikes and ponds to feed ducks. And sure as heck there are no games. I loathe party games! Good luck!