Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Planning a 6-year old's Party.

Well, I'm NOT actually planning Oldest's party right this minute. NO! I'm reading your blog and doing other avoidance behaviors. What's next? Washing the floors? Dyeing my hair? (No. Did it already. Never mind) Sorting through a closet? NO! I AM working on this party plan! Right Now! This very Minute! As in HEY! We have a plan, Cosmo!

Note: "Prizes" are a dip into the candy bowl

Theme: Sponge Bob

Arrival Activity:
Kiddy Bocce:

Each child gets 2 ball-pit balls with their names written in Sharpie. Adult lines up chilluns and then Adult tosses a bigger ball (the 'pallino' or "P" as it's usually called) a ways out. The children then sorta take turns throwing their ball-pit balls trying to get as close to the "P" as they can. Much measuring (BDay Boy will weild the measuring tape). Prizes for closest, furthest, worst throw, best attention, etc.

Everyone's Here! Activity:
Water Blasters, Bubbles, Water Balloons, Pistols, Pools, Slip N Slides. Prizes for tricks on the Slip N Slide. I think. Maaaaaaybe Not - don't want to encourage ridiculous behavior. Don't want to send them home bruised and bleeding...

Gone Fishin'! Activity:

The boys and babysitter will make an 'ocean' today -- Sheet painted with water, fish, seashells, Sponge Bob characters. Said sheet will then be hung across a clothesline placed Very Very High at the party. We will have a fishing pole rigged up from a broom handle, string and clothespin. The children will 'fish' using gummy worms clothespinned to the string, flung over the sheet. Adult will then replace worm with a fish or pool diving toy, and give the fisherman a bit of a fight for the reel back in, depending on the size of the fisherman. We will call out "Small Fry" so the Adult doesn't jerk a little one off his pins, forever traumatizing them for Party Games.

Rocket Dogs Rockets Activity:

We have two Rocket Dog rockets where you use your foot to Blast Off the rocket. We will line the children up in 2 lines and have 2 compete for highest rocket. Prizes for who is highest, best form, best attention, etc.

Sponge Bob Puzzle Race:

The children will draw numbers and then form teams of 2 or 3 to race to put a Sponge Bob puzzle together. We have a few 60-piece puzzles. This is the wind-down indoor activity waiting for pizzas to arrive.

PIZZA! Yes, we have Sponge Bob plates! Don't forget to Use Them!

Pin Sponge Bob on Shark Activity:

Prizes awarded for closest to jaws, furthest from jaws, highest, lowest, most spins; everyone gets Candy.

Decorate Your Own Bucket Activity:

We'll have permanent markers (GASP!) and doo-dads in an ocean theme to stick on small buckets. The kids will need the buckets for their next activity:

Treasure Hunt Activity:

Adult will read clues to where piles of booty reside. Booty includes yo-yo's (full size, not those ridiculous little things), bags of Jelly Beans, Hot Wheels Cars, Gold Fish boxes, Goofy tape dispensers, and other goodies I am ON A MISSION to discover today. Maybe 6 different things.

CAKE Activity:
Self-explanatory. Costco cake. Picked up ahead of time, I hope.

Sponge Bob Pinata Activity:

Self explanatory. Please say prayers that no adult gets delivered a death-to-the gonads blow.

Final Waiting-For-Parental Pick-up Activity:

Sponge Bob Movie in the Theatre Room. Supervised by Attila the Husband.

And feel free: Chirp in here with Any Ideas.


PJ said...

How long is this party? You're setting the bar awfully high for the other moms and dads:)
It sounds like they're going to have a ball.

daysgoby said...

And whose job is it to pick you up off the floor afterwards?

Preferably wielding a large icy drink?

Your party sounds lovely! I will probably shamelessly steal ideas come fall...the boys (gulp!) fifth birthday!

MsCellania said...


I need to plug in the cake part. Thanks for the emails!

MsCellania said...

I have timed the stuff, and we will still have slag time in 2 hours. Kids blast through these things, I have discovered, in my 6 years of doing 2/year summer parties. The sugar wires them. And if you don't keep them hopping, the naughtiness, she starts...

Lazy cow said...

I think you have everything covered here! It's going to be a great party. Those bloody pinatas are going to cause a severe injury one day. I've yet to be at a kid's party where anyone under the age of 12 can crack it. We're going to use the 'pull the string' one for the Girl's 6th birthday party.

MsCellania said...

DGB - feel free to knick any and all ideas. I'll let you know which ones were hits and which ones bombed.

LC - I'll have to check and see if this pinata is a string-puller. I think it may be as there are a ton of wrapped up strings on it! Oh, you Rhodes Scholar, you!

Sarah Louise said...

Stop the madness with the parties already!!

Oy. What am I avoiding? Breakfast and that budgetary meeting with me myself and I.

Off to do those now...


MsCellania said...

SL - I hire out the running the party bit. I man the Event Change Time Clock, the setting up of stuff to allow smooth transitions and food prep. My part is E A S Y. The hard part? The management of Wild-Eyed-Wound-Up Children? That I leave to professional Young Thangs - our college-aged athlete babysitter and her 2 buff friends. And my mother. Whose very presence strikes fear in the hearts of the young. I don't know how a teeny-weeny grey-haired 75 yo woman can command such a presence, but she always has and always will.

I am dividing up and separately bagging many Target bags loaded with booty. Oldest is fairly quivering in anticipation. The Sponge Bob pinata is looking a little shop worn from so much handling. That fellow is all over the house - like a young friend tagging along with the boys. I'm glad he's the string-pulling kind v. the whacking kind of pinata. I think the boys have developed an attachment for the thing1

verniciousknids said...

This sounds like so much fun! I love the fishing activity :D