Monday, July 24, 2006

A perfect day.

A hottish day.
A clear cool blue mountain water lake.
Lots of dappled shade.
The proper amount of sand.
Friendly, eager little sunfish.
I Huge, Rolling, free-floating, Slippery log.
4 kids, excited; 2 mothers, happy. 1 babysitter, athletic
Make that 2 mothers, really happy.

We spent 5 hours in the lake or on the shady shore. Not a cross word was heard.
The babysitter kept very close tabs of Dangerous Youngest. And played with all of them.
And Daring Oldest showed us his survival skills by floating on his back and kicking like mad for shore when he got into various pickles (Read: Over his head and lost his boogey board).
And me?
I spent hours; HOURS I'm telling you, floating, swimming, feeding sunfish, walking along the shore, snacking, visiting with my dear friend and just inhaling deeply an inch or so above the fresh, non-chlorinated lake water.
And thinking what a lucky woman I am most days.


PJ said...

Sounds like bliss.

Carolyn said...

It must not be 107 where you are. LOL

My float said...

wonderful! what a blissful day! i can't wait for summer to do that here.