Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hair, today.

The hair, which was washed, conditioned, styling misted and styled, for 30 minutes.

It takes that long to get it almost dry. Yes, my blow dryer is powerful and hot. Yes, I use metal core brushes - 4 of them, which get left rolled in the hair, smokin' hot.

I am hair inept. So, I blow dry my hair maybe once a month. The rest of the time? Air dried and then twisted up and held in a huge hair-clip thingy.

But it's not really my hair. It's hair I am growing for a little girl with alopacia, or going through chemo. Every 3 years, it is carefully brushed, banded into 3 big pony tails, cut above the bands, wrapped in thick plastic and boxed, and shipped to Locks of Love. Where it is combined with hair from 8 other people, and made into a wig for a child. Who doesn't have any hair.

So, I try to make it good hair, by eating good stuff and taking supplements, and not using too many chemicals and certainly not much blow drying. No siree - this hair has to be pretty pristine for that little girl who is patiently waiting. Which is mighty convenient for me - this hair of hers grows amazingly fast on this old head, and I then have the perfect excuse for not fixing my hair.

And honestly? I was All About Hair for so many years that this is just perfect.

If anyone you know is thinking about cutting off more than 10" of hair, please tell them about Locks of Love. Most salons will happily participate. And your hair can be colored. And the haircut is FREE!
Locks of Love


Sarah Louise said...

Gone tomorrow?

That's pretty cool.

julia said...

I've been thinking about doing this. Where do you measure the length from? Mine is down way past my bra strap at this point and while I don't want it short short, I'd be willing to let it grow a lot longer to do this.

MsCellania said...

Julia, you measure the length from the top of your hair, not underneath. They cut ABOVE the band to keep the hair in a pony tail for shipping, so your hair ends up shorter than where the rubber bands are. They can go WAY shorter, and do layers. I did that the first time. They made 6 pony tails all over my head, and cut my hair quite short. I donated 20" that time.

I saw a woman at the zoo with hair down To Her calves. Thick, red hair. I wanted to tell her about Locks of Love, but I bet 50 people have done that already.

You will lose a ton of hair after you have the baby, Julia. I remember thinking I was going bald when that happened to me. But I guess you just 'hair up' when you're pregnant.

PJ said...

You are to be commended, Madam.

Carolyn said...

My hair won't grow that long.

What beautiful hair you have.

Surfing Free said...

Beautiful hair! What a wonderful thing to do for someone :)

My float said...

That hair of yours is so glorious and thick. What a wonderful thing to do for someone. I wish mine would grow to any sort of sensible length but it's quite fine so it only grows as far as my shoulders and then peters out!
I'm sure there are people out there who are very happy because of you.

Suse said...

You are amazing! My hair is too thin and fine and brittle to grow very long. It just splits and breaks.

What a kind and generous soul you are.

Badger said...

DH and I have both donated. He had right at 10" and I had 14", I think (mine was several years ago).

I have a friend who grows hers out between cuts so she can donate over and over, but after finally cutting off all that hair, I couldn't STAND the thought of growing it out again, so I've kept mine short.

But Locks of Love is how I found my amazing stylist! I've been with her ever since.