Friday, December 15, 2006

Unexpected enthusiasm.

Parker wanted to have some children from his class over during the Christmas break. I decided he could host a 'winter social' and limited him to 4 girls and 4 boys from his class. With Ryan and Parker, that would be 10 if all attended. Definitely Do-Able. Especially with the help of Anne-Marie, our college babysitter who will be on break from university; an athlete and a no-nonsense Amazon type of girl.

We haven't decided on all the diversions yet, but there will be a clue-driven treasure hunt for the craft materials followed by a working-on-craft flurry, and a movie and popcorn in the theatre room.

The children will bring their own brown-bag lunch, and I will serve a brunch for the parents (Menu TBD.)

I expected the invitees to be excited about it. But what has surprised me, and touched my heart a bit, is the enthusiasm of the parents! Turns out they have all been looking for an opportunity to get to know each other.

Any ideas for the craft? I think they are mostly Christians, one Jew and a Hindu. For a send-off, we're going to do a variation on a Buddhist theme -- The children write 3 things on a small piece of paper: 1) The persons they love the most; 2) Their wish for the World and 3) Something they are wishing for. We will tie this to a helium-filled balloon (one for each child) and then do a simultaneous release.

I've got quite a few days to plan more. I'll have Anne-Marie bring a friend to help her, so I will get to visit with the parents.


sueeeus said...

Sounds fabulous! I love the balloon idea.

Paula said...

It sounds like you're all going to have such fun!

Sarah Louise said...

Oooh I love a good party. Sounds like fun!

Gingerbread men are pretty non-sectarian (I think) -- we've done our tree at the library in them and it was the theme of the two library preschool parties.

Suse said...

SL's idea is good! If you pre-make the dough, the children can roll it out and cut the shapes and decorate the gingerbreadpersons with smarties and currants (trans. m&m's and raisins, I think!). Then you bake and they eat.

Love the balloon idea.

Happy Christmas to you if I don't make it back here this week.

MsCellania said...

SL - I am RUNNING with your idea - and Suse's tweaking of it - and doing the GBread Guys as our craft! How smart are you two? I was going to do research today, then run out and spend too much money on some plastick-y crappe, and here I have the raw materials in my cupboards! And the children?