Saturday, December 16, 2006

Meeting Santa's Helper

Ryan with Santa's Helper. This is a photo I never thought I would capture a couple of years ago; maybe even last year. Ryan not only sat on the dude's lap, he talked to him! In a normal, conversational voice. Understandable, and everything.

Ryan and Parker. Ryan doesn't like loud noises or lights. So, he shuts his eyes for any posed photo. But, all in all, not a bad shot! Again, me with the thrill of seeing the boys sitting on the lap, and no screaming and flailing.

Parker with his first face painting. "I'm not washing my face for a week, Mommy!"

Parker on the Big Guy's lap. Much discussion of the gift requested, a blue light saber with noises. I hope that's what Santa got.

The boys playing with Nana's entry decorations. They spent 15 minutes giving everything a good workout.


daysgoby said...

They're beautiful!

They have gorgeous smiles.

Sarah Louise said...

Good thing the snowmen are getting their exercise!!


Miz S said...

Oh my God, they are so cute.

Paula said...

Your sweet boys! It makes me smile everytime I see a picture.

sueeeus said...

Such beautiful boys!