Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's a Wrap - Christmas 2006

Tree with obscene amount of gifts, Christmas Eve after Santa arrived

Back deck with drifts (3rd refrigerator area)

Our new coat/backpack rack!

Anne-Marie with Ryan and Parker

Play Structure flocked for Christmas Day, 2006

Putting the tree up after Thanksgiving means that by December 30th, one is DONE with the Christmas decor. And I'm about ready to insist that all the loot 'find a place'. Where? Who knows. And who bought the children all this stuff?!

Star Wars stuff remains the big hit of the season. Parker wakes up, and instead of crawling in bed with us, stumbles around the house until he finds his light saber. He is literally weaving around, bleary-eyed and barely awake, wielding the thing. Ryan, however, is still my smoochy pooch. He faithfully flings open his door and trots down the hall to leap into bed with us and park his frosty feet on me; burrowing me out of my warm spot.

And snow! Yes! We have snow - 3 feet of it in places, and more on the way. My sister and her fiancee were thrilled to be here for 3 days and be able to snowboard in the neighborhood (Yes! We have big hills here! With rocky gorges at the bottom that will crack your very tailbone if you land on them v. sailing over them - just ask my future brother in law!) But after shoveling 2 feet of snow off your driveway and then having it snow another 15 inches a few days later? Yeah; we're Over It. I'm just glad the children are off school so we don't have to risk life and limb by getting out in this. And of course, having 15 people in the house for 5 meals means we have plenty of grub - 2 refrigerators full. With the overflow being stored in snow banks on the back deck! In fact, I parked steaming pots full of ear-popping hot green chili in drifts; boxes of meats from Petit Jean; plopped cartons full of bottles of wine/eggnog and other libations right out the back door so they'd be handy and chilled for the meals on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Paula said...

I LOVE your new coat rack. I wish I had a place for such a thing.

Your tree is beautiful (and tall) and your boys are as usual adorable.

Sarah Louise said...

I love your tree. I love your third refridgerator. I love all the sledding. This is a lovely post. Hey, if your future bro-in-law really did break his tailbone, I have all kinds of advice, as I did that last November (not sledding, though).

Happy New Year, MsCell!

Anonymous said...

YES! the bil really did bust his tailbone! Any and all remedies accepted. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too!

Paula, thanks - those boys, they are adorable!

Carolyn said...

It sounds like fun is being had by all!

Lazy cow said...

What a beautiful white Christmas. I love the photo of your deck, and the play equipment. We, on the other hand have had schizoprenic weather: freezing cold, then at the beach today! Happy new year to you dear. It's been great getting to know you and your lovely family in 2006.

Joke said...

Snow? Madness!


nutmeg said...

Gorgeous tree and snowy landscape. When I see all that snow I start to think romantic thoughts - big log fire, hot chocolate, gazing, reading.... You see they're all about being indoors watching it! I'd get a rude shock if I had to be out in it, driving, shovelling, etc.

I also liked your new year note - I struggle with the half full/half empty glass. I think I will join you in optimism and try harder to find the half full version in things.

Best wishes for the coming year Miscellania :-)

Suse said...

Happy new year MsCell!

sueeeus said...

That coat rack is great! Happy New Year, and I will try to be one of those who considers an opposing view, just because you wished for it. :)