Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'll Be MEME for Christmas

It's going around, this Meme...

Hot chocolate or eggnog?
Hot chocolate, and eggnog lattes, Thank You.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Oh my Goodness! He is a Wrappin' Fool!

Colored lights on your tree/house or white?

White lights on the indoor trees and on the house. Colored old-time lights on the outside decks and patios. Colored lights on the big 2 dimensional train display outside.

Do you hang mistletoe?
Mistletoe is a SCOURGE in this State. It is strangling our pine trees and conifers up in the high country. *spit* MISTLETOE?! *spit*

When do you put up decorations?
Thanksgiving weekend. The trees are almost fully decorated. Don't have exterior lights up yet, but tomorrow IS another day...

What does your favorite christmas meal include?

Eggs benedict and waffles for breakfast.
Cold cut buffet for luncheon.
Standing Rib for dinner, with twice-baked spuds, different baked vegetables, and chocolate cream pie.

Favorite christmas memory from childhood?
The year I got my Raleigh English racer. We were in Okinawa. I think I was 8.

How do you decorate your christmas tree?

With ornaments from my grandmother, mother, in-laws and out-laws; with ornaments collected from every trip; with home made ornaments that family or I have made; Parker or Ryan's hand-made goodies from over the years.

Snow! Love it or leave it?
I love snow and cold weather.

Can you ice skate?
Yes, very well forward. Not so well backwards.

Do you remember your favorite gift?

Getting Parker Christmas of 2000, and then Ryan Christmas of 2001.

What's the most important thing about christmas for you?

Being with the people I love.

What is your favorite christmas tradition?
Having the entire family at our house, usually overnight.

What tops your tree?
Our ceiling.

What is your favorite christmas song?


Carolyn said...

You can't iceskate backwards?

What's the matter with you? :P

My float said...

I echo Carolyn, only in a slightly different way.

Your favourite tradition is having the entire family at your house, usually overnight? What is wrong with you? And how did you score such a worthy extended family?! My extended family drives me crazy. One full day of craziness is one full day too much.

You must be a saint.

MsCellania said...

carolyn - Oh, I CAN skate backwards; it is an ackward, ugly, hourglass-wretched-jerky thing done.

mf - I am the Family Volcano. Known for being the most far from Saint as possible without actually residing in the Depths of Hell. My Family? Are like elves doing prep and cleaning. While I bring forth occasionally flaming creations that are run, screaming and cursing, to the nearest exit and jettisoned with much disgust into snowbanks where they sizzle and steam. The only remark: "Well, shit. I gave her that Toaster Oven... "

daysgoby said...

Christmas babies!

Sometime, if you're willing to share, I'd love to hear your first stories of P and R -

And really? That bad? Gee, you seemed calmer to me....

Paula said...

Okinawa? Dale has speny quite a bit of time in Okinawa. Do tell.

Paula said...

And gosh I'm an idiot! I meant to say first of all, how wonderful it is that your boys came to you on Christmas!

nutmeg said...

Christmastime in your house must be a wonderful triple celebration now with the boys :-)

I noticed in your last post that your house has three levels - ours is the same. What I want to know is that no-one else seems to understand that things left on the very top step, top level, need to be taken down and vice versa!

As to those vests ... adorable.

And as to chocolate cream pie and snow (the lightly falling kind without any wind) ... heaven!

Sarah Louise said...

Babies at Christmas are a blessing. Gee, you'd think I was a mom.

My brother came to us the year I was eleven. On Dec 20. The day he came home, all he did was cry. Thankfully a friend invited me to the movies.