Tuesday, December 19, 2006

List of Haven't Dones:

Haven't Done the Christmas Cards.
I haven't Done The Photo. (The copying of it, that is)
Maybe I'll send out New Year's Cards...

Haven't Done the Ornaments on the Top of the Tree.
I'm scared to get on the TALL ladder.
Maybe we'll finish it Christmas Eve, when there's 20 people here...

Haven't wrapped the gifts.
If the kids are in bed, so are we.
Maybe I'll do it Christmas Eve with my sisters...

Haven't done the Christmas baking.
If I get any fatter, I won't fit in my clothes!
Maybe I'll bake with Anne-Marie and her sister and my sisters...

Haven't plugged in some of the exterior lights.
I keep forgetting to buy outside-rated extension cords.
Maybe we'll buy them this week...

But you know what's funner?
My list of HAVE DONES!

We have:
Gone to a party every single day since Thursday of last week; and *gasp* - one was even called a CHRISTMAS PARTY! With Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and a few Christians, too!

Hosted a couple of fun dinner parties, where people actually honored my request to NOT BRING ANYTHING! Thank You!

Taken videos of fun things with Parker and Ryan;
Like sitting on Santa's lap;
Hunting for that naughty Runaway Gingerbread Boy, and the principal of Parker's school had caught that Gingerbread Boy;
Santa Claus (and a Really Good Santa Clause! With a nice dog named Holly!) reading The Polar Express to Ryan's class, and handing out sleigh bells and Christmas books;
Parker and Ryan making Hanukkah drawings for our Jewish neighbor, Frank. And Parker even actually gave Frank his drawing! Ryan decided to keep his menorah, but we needed one anyway...

Made ornaments for teachers and family with those iron-after-assembled bead thingys! And - well, we had a disastah on the ironing board in that Dear old Mommy plunked one down and it UnDid! All over the floor! And the boys were good sports and helped Dear Old Mommy put it back together...

Poaching in lots of bubble baths, and sitting in front of the fires, and lying in bed playing with babies, and having conversations and lovely, relaxing times.

Reading lots of Christmas books. And will continue to read the books and fall asleep in puppy-like heaps.

Obtained the movies for Christmas viewing:
Christmas with the Cranks
The Santa Claus
Love, Actually (with a nod to blackbird for reminding me how very wonderful that movie is).

This has been a very good Christmas season for us.
And it's only going to get better!


Sarah Louise said...

one year I sent my cards out at Valentine's Day, with those cute cards you get for a dollar after valentine's day is over (the boxes that even have one for the teacher)

I haven't even bought all the gifts, but I know what I'm getting and that they won't run out (of Triple A memberships, for instance)

Happy Merry H-I mean Christmas!!

Sounds like fun at your house...

Carolyn said...

You are so Christmasey and happy. It made me feel good to read this.

I loved the pics below. Hooray for sitting on Santa's lap!