Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dry as a Bloggy bone, here. Nuttin' to say

Lots going on, but I'm spending much less time on the computer.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HANUKKAH in the meantime. I'll be back.

I think.


Paula said...

And a Merry Happy to you and your's!

bec said...

Draggin' my carcase through the door (back in over-busy mode at work) just in time to say goodnight to the kids, then trying to get my head around two separate family Xmas day meals - both being hosted at my house - while also shopping for the kids and trying not to gforget my husband's birthday on the 18th!

You take care over there and have a lovely festive season if we don't hear from you sooner - although some pics would be lovely...

(grrr, blogger won't let me log in!)

Carolyn said...

And a Merry Christmas to you too!

Sarah Louise said...

merry merry merry

(SL who is in denial of how close we are getting to C-day)

nutmeg said...

It's a busy time of year (even when you know it and try to avoid as much of the guff of it as you can!)

I've been a bit absent this month and posting has nearly ground to a standstill. But we'll fire up again next year :-)

Best wishes for the merriest of Christmas' to you and yours...Ho Ho Ho

daysgoby said...

Happiest of Holidays, V!