Monday, December 04, 2006

I got De Blues Tonight.

The LAST of the Big Stuff for Baby is sailing out of the house. Tons of books, toys, clothing (except for the cherished stuff from Foster Mothers, Arrival Clothing -- three beautiful outfits, each time, PLUS a formal one-year birthday Hanbok -- and other special baby clothing that has been washed and preserved in special boxes). Lovely things that we all loved and used. It's going, going, gone.

I've done well with all this General Purging.
Until Today.
Today, I sold the Mountain Buggy Urban Double.
The Cadillac of jogging, all-terrain strollers.
My lifeline to the outside world for years, with 2 toddlers 11 months apart in age.
It is detailed and shined up, even the tires have been armor-all'd, for it's next owner. A lucky young mama who is expecting her 2nd baby in a few months.
I was just downstairs, ready to wrap her up carefully in her original shipping materials and carton. And I started to cry.
I am done with babies now.
And even though I'm sure we're done (come on, I'm 53 and Ken's no Spring Chicken, either!), it's sad to turn the lock and hand over the key.


Girl con Queso said...

What a great post.

And your blog tagline made me laugh outloud.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I know exactly what you mean. I've been purging too, and yes it feels good and yes, some of it also gives me 'da blues'...

I find if I can give away things to someone I really like, it helps. I don't care so much whether they get used or what happens when my friend is finished with them, it's that first handover that is the hardest!

I also remember that my mother kept SO many clothes, books and toys for my kids and, apart from legos and a few of the more hardy books, everything suffered badly in storage and none of my kids ever wore any of the clothes.

I don't know where I'm going with this comment other than to say, yeah, I hear you sister.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

ps - I think your youngest and my two youngest are about the same age? No wonder we're going through the same trauma!

My float said...

There's so much more to this purging business. No more babies? I'm not ready for that yet, even though I don't think any are coming. So I'm desperately holding onto the 10 boxes of carefully packed clothes and toys that are in my garage.

I'm sure the new mama will bless you for looking after the buggy so well.

Joke said...

Wait. Could you come over and do my car?


Paula said...

Sorry to say but, it never ends.

The purging of childhood (and young adulthood)goes on and on.

Sometimes it makes you feel good others just bluer than blue.

nutmeg said...

Even though I'm not having anymore I still get these pangs and they've be coming thick and fast lately. I've given most of the big ticket items to a dear friend of mine, for her second, a lovely little girl. I think I could still get it back if I needed it! Though she asked me the other day what she should do with it after she's done and I had a little shudder. I quickly said "Pass it on. Give to the next person who needs it" and quietly changed the topic :-)

Sarah Louise said...

I had the baby blues yesterday too and when I woke up this morning--our situations are entirely different, but I appreciated this post. Thank you.

Carolyn said...

I still have stuff I can't get rid of sixteen years later.

I completely empathize with you.

blackbird said...

There was a period of time a few years ago when I realized we were done with babies and it was almost too much for me to bear.
Just knowing that that incredible time of our lives, pregnancy, new babies, all the discoveries, was over left me grieving.

Happily - K's 45 year old sister has had a baby and I SEE why that time is over for us and am comfortable with it.

sueeeus said...

Ohhhhh... Am thinking of you... The new mama will be very blessed, though, and that will be worth smiling about.