Saturday, November 25, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Teacher ::

  2. Fifty ::

  3. Crossword ::

  4. Stuffed ::

  5. Family ::

  6. Purr ::

  7. Toad ::

  8. Cocktail ::

  9. Insecurity ::

  10. Magical ::

Teacher: Teacher!
Fifty: Bucks
Crossword: Puzzle
Stuffed: Shirt
Family: Feud
Purr: Fect
Toad: Stool
Cocktail: Party
Insecurity: Alert
Magical: Mystery Tour

Does this yell "70's'" to anybody else? Were any of you even born in the 1970's?!

And this overheard by Parker, whispering into his Nana's ear, about a whipped cream/fruit cocktail/nut concoction that we call Heavenly Hash, which she makes every holiday: "Nana, I just Love Your Heavenly Cash!"


daysgoby said...

I was - my mother sang me songs off the White Album to put mew to sleep. Probably explains why I have huge re-occuring nightmares about walrusus.

beffers said...

I remember the 70's, and I am a 70's music addict!

I love Parker's comment...straight out of the mouths of babes, huh?!

Suse said...

I was around in the 70s. But I never understood that walrus thing.

Paula said...

I was around in the 70's but I have to say I'm just now hearing some of the lyrics. I was such a naive young thing.

Sarah Louise said...

Now that I understand that Beatles song about "a little help from my friends" I can't enjoy it anymore!! I was born in 1971, but my music tastes are myriad. In high school (the eighties) I listened to what was then considered Classic Rock (BTO, Grand Funk Railroad) Now "Classic Rock" includes Axl Rose, which in my book is WRONG. My brother, who is ten years YOUNGER, listens to Bessie Smith!

Anyways, mine were: teacher's pet, fifty cents, crossword puzzle, stuffed animal, family circus, purr-ty, toad frog, cocktail party, insecurity blanket, and I no longer remember my last one because I think yours is brilliant.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Carolyn said...

I was born in 69.

MsCellania said...

I was getting HIGH in 1969, you guys...