Saturday, November 04, 2006

As they are, lately

Today, was a get-nuttin-done-day. Except for shuttling to birthday parties, laundry, cooking, eating Vietnamese food out by myself for lupper, picking up from birthday parties (love that they are now usually drop off, since Ryan is five. Five seems to be the magic age for drop off around here). Then we got back, and hustled to the Fall Festival (fundraiser for the school) to bid on the dozens of baskets available. They were great! I wish I would've brought my camera.

I bid on 5 baskets and won 2. I couldn't believe that some assholes were SNIPING AT A SCHOOL FUNCTION. This is not Ebay, people. This is a fund raiser for the school. You are supposed to 'play the game'. Which meant I had to run around like a crazed Border Collie at the end of bidding, as OF COURSE the baskets were all over Hell's Half Acre. Two other parents were doing the same thing at the end. One of the auction volunteers saw that I was practically careening around corners, so she decided to announce an extra 30 seconds for Table 5, and I barely made it for our Class Basket. Same thing was happening on the basket next to our class basket - it was a high-end vacation at a luxury resort, with more perks thrown in. One of the dads finally said "To Hell with This!" just as I was writing in the last bid on our class basket. I looked over and he had bid $500 OVER the last bid on his basket! I told him "I like your style!" He smiled and said "Thanks! This is a good deal... " Yeah, you Old Softie! I love good hearted folks.

A few parents and I ran around bidding on every basket that didn't have anything on it yet. Not many, but a few. At the end, other people came up and bid over us, which was a bit of a relief. Every basket sold. The children had an area that they were bidding on, too. Ken and the boys ate at the festival and played Bingo as well. While I was doing the Mad Dash around the baskets. Damn Snipers!

For those of you with school-age kids, do you attend these fundraisers? If so, what works to get people to attend? I was a bit surprised at how few people attended - but the PTA had to drop the Food and Games portion of the event due to lack of volunteers.

Tomorrow? I'm doing non-parenting stuff. Maybe some laundry. I want to cut out the aprons I'm going to make for gifts, and start assembling the teachers/therapists/Paras gift baskets. Another mom and I like to give the Christmas Gifts at Thanksgiving so the recipients can use the Christmas-themed goodies in the season. I bought a ton of candles and other non-perishable stuff at the end of last Christmas season.

But for now? It's nighty-night time. There are two little guys just about falling asleep in daddy's arms. They are all watching a Scholastic video, featuring a Scottie. 'Angus Runs Away'. New one on me.


Paula said...

You need to put
1. Stop a minute and catch your breath.
on your list of things to do today.

Sometimes I forget how much work having little ones was.

Your boys are just too cute!

Carolyn said...

You boys are sweet. I love those striped jammies.

I never go bid on the basket thing. I donate to it, but actually bidding is not in the budget. :P

sueeeus said...

I l.o.v.e. that fuzzy headed bathtub photo best. :)

Suse said...

God, that bath shot is exquisite. Frameable.

As to the fundraiser thingie, our school usually combines it with a festival, so everyone is there. So, at the winter festival there were class baskets much like yours which were raffled off, and recently at the spring festival they went round all the stalls asking us to donate one item, which was then added to a huge basket and raffled.

Enjoying catchng up on your blog. I kind of 'lost' you there for a while (I changed browsers and lost many links, and of course yours is not that easy to find these days!)