Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things we DO here, even if there's something wrong with them

Stolen from Badger, et al, and modified into oblivion

There is too much we don't do, whether wrong at any level or not. It's far easier to list what we do:

We DO these things, oh yes indeedy:
3 substantial, mostly organic meals; no snacks
Beddy-bye at 9 (even the adults - we are whupped)
Water all day/night (okay, the Daddy enjoys a libation or two)
Occasional tea/coffee (not a daily occurrence)
Candlelight dinners
Mini Van
House Rabbit
Tae Kwon Do
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Scholastic videos
Outside Play
Toy Trains of every sort


We put the boys to bed, asleep, after reading and rocking. Alot of parents around here think we are nuts. But holding a sleeping child? Is the sweetest thing I get to do every day.


daysgoby said...

Sleeping boys are the best! So sweet...

I love this meme.

Carolyn said...

I love holding my sleeping boy.

blackbird said...

great list -
but it does make me realize how old my kids are...

sueeeus said...

Now that sounds like a good life.

Suse said...

I loved this. Especially the last one.

Your passion for your babes shines through so loud and clear.

Miz S said...

What about Cinnabons? Do you do Cinnabons? If not, why not?

Sarah Louise said...


Sarah Louise said...

and, I did this meme just now and included occasional Cinnabons, just for Miz S...

Joke said...

9? 9pm?


BabelBabe said...

people can think you are crazy all they want; you sound like you have it figured out how it works for your family, and it sounds LOVELY.
i like to curl up in bed with mine and sing them to sleep. not every night, but a lot.