Sunday, November 05, 2006

Planting a Spring Garden

Talk about delayed gratification - planting Spring bulbs, in fall, in CLAY soil, and having to move landscaping rock, cut weed guard fabric,
Attempt to get the clay plug out of the blub digger (A Bitch of a chore) and then add compost, bulbs, more compost and pack the clay back on the top, fold fabric back over clay, push rocks back over.
and WHEW
I planted about 75 bulbs, 3 in each hole, kind of close together. I also go for the Big Bang and sacrifice the top bulbs the 2nd year, as they aren't deep enough to survive 2 winters. Tulips only last about 5 years, anyway in this climate - they perk to the surface in the freeze/thaw cycles.
If any rodents start eating them I am going to hire the pigeon slayers in the neighborhood to rid us of the next menace.
This took ALL Day! But I did it in peace and quiet. Every time the boys made an appearance, hopefully hopping from foot to foot and yelling "MOMMY MOMMY LOOK AT THIS!" I said "It's LOVELY! Now, back to your dad and working on the railroad!" If they balked I gave them The Evil Eye.
Now for a nice, steamy hot bath, some arnica cream on my soon-to-be-aching shoulders and arms and a nice hot cup of tea. I may even watch Sunday TV! What's on Sundays? Nah - I'll probably sit in our beautiful bedroom, with a roaring fire, and read books with the boys and then the newspaper.
Parker and I are reading the Magic Treehouse series. Ryan is listening, a bit. But mostly, fidgeting and yelping about his turn.
I am also reading the Sunday funnies to them (Comics in the newspaper, for you feriners.
Hope you all had lovely weekends!


nutmeg said...

I like your "Evil Eye". That made me laugh. I'm thinking it's a useful tool as well as all your gardening ones.

It's really good to have that bath and tea after some hard physical "yakka" (work for all you Americans!)

Very jealous of the "roaring fire" in your bedroom :-)

Paula said...

You know we expect a full photo essay in the spring don't you.

Carolyn said...

Ally loves the Magic Treehouse books.

I HATE clay soil. We have it. I gave up. Nothing is growing in our ugly back yard except dog poop piles.