Monday, November 13, 2006

A Few Good Things

These? Did NOT get put away yet. But they are fun to look at, and we are still enjoying them.

All this Plastic and Tupperware, etc? DID get put into a "Totin' Privileges" Rubbermaid Tote, as we are now going to use Glass...

YES! Glass Storage Containers!

These are my new 'slippers'. G-Series ballerina flats from Cole Haan. They have gel in them. My feet? Are So Happy!

My beautiful sons gave me these. I wear them constantly. The bright topaz is wonderful, a cheery thing. My life is complete!


Paula said...

Glass is so much better than plastic.

Love the slippers, and your boys are too sweet for words.

daysgoby said...

What lovely earrings!

blackbird said...

was there a reason for the switch to glass?
I do think people have far too many plastic containers in their lives, I do.

MsCellania said...

Paula - thanks. They are still sweet. Getting pricklier the longer they are in school, but still Very Young 5 and 6.
DGB - thanks!
bb - I have been 'gifted' with tupperware from clients who were tupreps. I always preferred glass, not only for health concerns, but because you can SEE what's in those leftover containers before they turn a lovely blue... I just felt a little guilty tossing the tupperware gifts, you know? But this way, they will be leaving the house by lovingly encasing leftovers for family and friends and finding new homes or the trash can, as fate will have it.

Suse said...

I have been gradually collecting glass jars from op shops (those great big lovely spring clip ones) and now all my rices, pulses, nuts, grains, flours, dried fruits etc are in jars.

Healthier, and much more aesthetically pleasing on my pantry shelves.

(Please put your plastics in the recycling, not the rubbish though ...)

Carolyn said...

I love those shiny decorations.

And those earrings are gorgeous.

Now that song "These are a few of my favorite things" is playing in my mind.