Sunday, November 19, 2006

I wish we could afford a live-in CARETAKER

Not a medical type; a PROPERTY CARETAKER.

The endless list of unfinishable tasks grows ever longer.

The windows? Are FILTHY.
The exterior maintenance? Deferred. I'm sure we'll be getting a NastyGram from the HOA any day now "Paint or Die!"
The cleaning out of the garage? One area has been attempted. I've sold off some of the baby stuff. (That was more difficult emotionally than I thought. Even at 53, I think I'd love to have more children...but it would be a selfish thing to do.)
The lower level storage rooms? Shambles! Scary shambles!
The Christmas lights? TBD
The 12' Christmas tree? Each piece weighs a bloody TONNE.

The husband? Besides being out of town for this week, is sporting carpal tunnel, or somethin, in both arms.
The very idea of me doing any of these things? Makes Ken shudder at just the thought. He does things with much thought, attention to detail and perfection. I accomplish tasks with much gusto, speed and my version of attention to detail. Which always involves multi-tasking. Because I can. You know, the GIRL chromosome? The one that Gets Stuff Done on this planet?
(Aside: We are watching Caillou on PBS. I love the way Canadians say "About". I cannot mimic the sound.)

And sitting here perusing blogs, I've decided to do Joke's pie and dressing for Thanksgiving, which my parents are graciously hosting. Because they have new kitchen appliances! Fancy Miele ones!

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Paula said...

Boy, if I had the caretaker of which you speak, I'd have me one of them there English Gardens, simply dripping with flowers and such.

Happy Sunday to you too!

MsCellania said...

Oh, heck; I forgot completely about the 'yahd'!
We hire out the hacking of the grass. The boyfolk are working on the garden train, so most bushes have been removed. I have planted a few bulbs, and LONGGGGGGGGGG to do a country garden in our pie-shaped front yard. With a shaded seating area where I could sit and read while the hooligans play in the cul de sac.
My friends in Chicago have a live-in caretaker. Plus cleaning help. And a cook/babysitter/general dogsbody every summer. They have a large enough property that they aren't falling over one another.

daysgoby said...

I love that tree story. (snork! cackle!)

Out here the deer eat anything I plant , so we do 'natural style.' Meaning it gets mowed sometimes.

Carolyn said...

Happy Sunday to you too!

Joke said...

OOoh, my recipes have never graced anything fancier than GE Profile.

Next stop, Food Network!


Miz S said...

Man, your Chicago friends are in the money, huh? Organized crime, I'm guessing.