Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Confessions:

1. I take great satisfaction in keeping our home clean. I clean something and do laundry nearly every day. When I stay at friends' houses, I clean their homes, too.
2. I have a collection of cleaning and maintenance books. I just bought 2 new ones, but I am finding them a tiresome read.
3. I am really good at sewing and alterations. I made all my clothing -- even dress jackets and coats -- in high school. I made our sons' crib bedding, and am going to make quilts for their beds.
4. I keep my closet and the boys' closets arranged according to color and season. The boys are hanging up their shirts this way now, too. "Blue lives with the other blue shirts..." Youngest said as he re-hung a shirt today. I've never said a word about it, but I guess the boys have Eyes.
5. I love to cook and bake.
6. We have brunches or dinner parties every week.
7. I had a job for 30 years straight. I have no desire to return to a job or career. (If someone asks me if I work, I quip "Oh, yes; full-time - long hours, too")

I feel embarrassed to admit these things. The jobs I value doing; keeping our home and yard in good shape, gardening, sewing, needlework, being with my children, doting on our pets, cooking, entertaining - these things are not valued much in our society. But people? Love to come to our home.

What about you? Like to clean/cook/entertain? Hate to clean? Cook? Entertain?


Sarah Louise said...

Entertaining--I love.

But the cleaning, is a chore. Want to come to Pgh and help me un-pig this sty?

AND do not be embarrassed. People love to come to your house, you say. That is a gift to those people and a gift to yourself. Have you read any Alexandra Stoddard?

I like reading organizing books too, but they don't seem to take hold...

My float said...

Hate HATE cleaning. I love clean though, being a Virgo. i just can't allocae the time and effort it requires, and so I feel miserable about it. I chose to have a nanny for three hours a week rather than a cleaner, in the thought that I would use that time cleaning but no, i just ended up in front of the laptop taking on more and more work. Dang it, should have gone the cleaner.

I hasten to add, it's not a pigsty! It's just that I would love a whole week to do a proper spring clean, bash the rugs, get the steam cleaner in, blitz the kitchen and do the wardrobes.

I think you have worked really hard to make your home a place that is loved by your friends and family. That is a skill, my friend. Good for you.

PJ said...

The best compliment I've ever received about our home was when a friend said she felt like she was walking right into a hug whenever she comes into my house.

Yes, yes, and yes. I am quite content taking care of my family and our home.

There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Carolyn said...

I wish I could sew. I wish our local colleges offered classes in it.

I HATE to clean. I move very slowly and I can't keep up with the mess makers.

I wouldn't mind entertaining occasionally if I didn't have to clean first.

The things you value, are good values to have. If other people don't value them, they have poopie for brains.

PJ said...

Did ya read my little tirade a few weeks ago? Things haven't changed as much as I'd hoped.

It's their loss.

Joke said...

We have an "I cook/you clean" arrangement.

God help me, I do love the cookery.


blackbird said...

I am the same in all things but for the closets.
They aren't a wreck, but the boys closets are not for hanging clothing, they are shelved, and not always neatly.
I love keeping house, cooking, cleaning, ironing...
and we both love to have people in for a meal and the guests always love being here.