Thursday, August 17, 2006

Outside Play Areas - For Karin

The Trex (or manufactured lumber made with plastic) sides for the Pea Gravel Diggin' Pit

View of entire gravel pit. It stays in the shade 'til 1 or so, shaded by the off-kitchen deck above

Peach/Blueberry/Almond tart that I made a couple of days ago. Puff Pastry shell. Yummy!

Boys' Play Structure. They give it a workout daily.

Close-up of mitered corner. Treated lumber inside, Trex outside. We keep meaning to put on the cap....but in the meantime? It's fully in use.

For Karin, with three, 3 and under.


sueeeus said...

What a fabulous yard and play area (and garden, judging be s&t collection)! How does one keep the little rocks out of the bigger rocks? What lucky children, to have such nice play areas. And so TIDY!

I am so far behind (blog-wise, reading/writing/posting), whimper, whine, moan...

Liz said...

oh god, I love puff pastry. And that looks great. Do you ever watch Iron Chef on the Food Network? The secret ingredient last Sunday was puff pastry!

PJ said...

Quite a wonderland, and pie too!

Your tart looks lovely and yummy and you do have a great yard.

Oh, did I mention? We've been know to do pie for birthdays around here (mine's in December;).

My float said...

Great play area! I'd refuse to go to school and sit and play in it all day! And then come in and eat the tart while it's still warm!

Carolyn said...

Yard, was there a yard? All I remember is Puff Pastry!

Your yard is lovely and you have a great view from it too.