Thursday, August 03, 2006

Show & Tell Thursday: Chicken (EDITED)

I don't know what blogger is doing.
Anyway, the first photo is Early Bird - Youngest's baby toy. I sent it to him in S. Korea while we were waiting for him to come home, along with dozens of sweet baby outfits. None of which fit him! He was A Moose. His lovely Foster Mother never said a word about the tiny clothing that never fit him. She sent him home to us, carefully packing his beloved Early Bird, his Blankie that I had made and more than a few gorgeous Korean-made cotton outfits that fit him for many months. Lovely padded and lined winter outfits, that were perfect for our cold winters. She continues to send him very lovely things.

The second photo is a Chicken, all right. He is a Hot Dip Chicken. Since I don't many Hot Dips, or casseroles of such a small stature, this Chicken resides in a top shelf of the cabinet. He used to hold coins out on a mud room counter. Now Spare Change is plucked from Daddy's pocket and run upstairs to Piggy Banks in hot little hands. So Hot Dip Chicken rests with other things that are being safe from little hands.

Edited: Okay, Youngest's chicken is Earl E. Bird not Early Bird. Thanks for the email.
Hot Dip Chicken is my own moniker for the small tureen. He arrived with a half dozen recipes, all of which were essentially heated dips. Like artichoke, 4 cheese, blue cheese, bean, vegetable and an Asian flavor one which was delicious. I have lost all the recipes, unfortunately.


Sarah Louise said...

I love Early Bird!! Oh he is so precious!!

Like the other bird too, but Early Bird has won my heart...

PJ said...

Very sweet story about early bird. I love hearing things like that.

Hot Dip is a cool chick!

blackbird said...

I too love Early Bird.

I don't know what hot dip is...

Carolyn said...

That was a wonderful story about Earl E Bird.

I like your hot dip chicken.

Suse said...

I like Youngest's Earl E. Bird. Very much.

Now, I have been very remiss in answering (or not answering) the plethora of questions you've thrown my way recently, so here goes all in one fell swoop.

1. I don't know if the pattern on Son #3's red jumper is popcorn. It didn't have a name, but he and I called it bobbles. To create a bobble you do three stitches into one stitch, then knit three times into the next stitch. On the next row you do the reverse. Does that make sense?

2. Yes, red bleeds forever. Handwash, on its own.

3. The spoon in the sugar bowl was a little gift to myself ($4) from a gorgeous wee shop round the corner from our old city house. The spoon is silver plated with a little glass crystal shaped drop on the end. Pretty, but no great story or value.

Thanks for your kind words re my photos. Have a great weekend date with the spouse!

sueeeus said...

I lurvvvve that chicken crock. And I love that you have a little boy from Korea. :) And now I have to go read more of your blog.