Saturday, August 12, 2006

Daily Me-ander

It's been brewing for awhile; this desire to 'do' less, 'spend' less, 'have' less.

But, it's easier said than done.

The money? She flies through my fingertips, albeit more slowly.
The purging? Is happening, albeit more slowly than I thought it would happen. I reckoned this summer I would get this house whipped into shape.
The reality is that I found a new skill - R E L A X I N G

How? You ask?

By saying "No.":
To continuing to organize the Special Needs preschool playgroup, which only one or two parents were extremely motivated to attend (actually; which they were very avid to have their babysitters/children attend) I told them to exchange phone numbers with the two other parents and continue themselves. They wanted the email group to continue. I told them they were welcome to do that, too.

To the exchange babysitting we had been participating in. It wasn't working out for me, anymore. Many reasons. And we won't be doing it through the school year, either. After more thought, I have decided paid babysitting is not a luxury, it's a necessity to running a household smoothly when the working spouse is gone 60+ hours a week. One of the summer camp counselors is available for reasonable cost.

To so many TaeKwonDo lessons for Oldest every week. He just needs to practice more at home. He set up a mirror in the living room to accomplish this all by himself.

To more volunteering at their schools. It is somebody else's turn for awhile. I won't say I'll never volunteer again; but for now, No.

To get-togethers with mothers whose tales of woe I'm tired of and their cantankerous children. And have you noticed how, so often times, the two go together? Children who are well mannered and whose visits are pleasant? Those will continue. Others? We Are Done.

Saying YES! to:

The continuing purge of stuff and junque from this household. Clicking my heels with each box that goes OUT.

Reading! I've had many books on every horizontal surface for months. I am reading during the day and at night. It. Is. Devine. Like finding an old friend and getting a huge hug.

Keeping the TV off. Turning the radio ON.

Eating better.
Game Night (Wednesday)
Carry-out Night (Friday)
Sleep-in Morning (Sunday)

Buying, this week:

More fabric for Christmas gifts.
An answering machine so I can screen phone calls. (thanks, LC!)
More art supplies when back-to-school supplies go on sale.
Flattering jeans.

And my birthday month is coming up! I'm going to give myself a health workover - professional diet plan/workout schedule. I am excited about this!

How about you? What's on your No/Yes/Plans for Autumn (or Spring for you Southern Hemisphere folk)?


Lazy cow said...

Excellent! I'm so glad you are attempting to take the mantle of idleness upon you :-) Of course there are always things we HAVE to do, but the other stuff? Especially hanging out with complaining mums and bratty kids. No thanks.

Carolyn said...

Wow. You're doing a complete life makeover.

Yay for you.

Joke said...

What's "autumn?"

-Mr. Tropical

Suse said...

Oh great post. I'm so pleased for you. For me, moving house (and therefore school) has enabled me to step back from all the committee work and classroom help and working bees. I keep a very low profile at the new school!

Saying no is such a learned skill.

PJ said...

D has trouble relaxing, always feels like he has to be accompilshing something. I on the other hand have the relaxing thing down pat. I could give lessons.

Keep at it. Don't let those things sneek back in.

nutmeg said...

This group of like minded bloggers is music to my ears. I agree with suse, saying no is a learned skill and therefore has to be practised on a regular basis. Likewise, not being troubled by the looks you get when you say no. I'm still learning that one - but practice makes perfect.

Liz said...

Good for you!

sueeeus said...

I haven't learned the skill yet. Woe. Good for YOU though!!! You're an inspiration. :) And I'm still clucking contentedly at my good fortune wrt a certain chicken crock. :)